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Swordtail Guppies 


Too successfully breed a strain of guppies’ long-term one must first set attainable goals.  After aesthetic value, manipulating a small snapshot of genetics, consisting of fixed strains, has always been my primary interest in breeding guppies.  It is often accomplished by an intense quest into understanding Population Genetics in conjunction with a study of Color. 


Linebreeding takes time, research, commitment, and a willingness to cull ruthlessly.  No breeding strategy fits all situations. Each can be selected for certain goals and production systems.  As a dedicated guppy breeder you should pick a technique to fit your own beliefs and goals. 


Paternal linebreeding will result in uniform offspring when combined with a commitment to adopt it as a long-term strategy to create healthy, consistent, predictable bloodlines.  Careful selection of foundation stock geared towards your goals will determine the quality of results.  Concentrating the degree of relationship among your males and females will influence the degree of uniformity in the offspring.

Tired of breeding strains that just don't seem to thrive without extra unwanted care?  Looking for something a bit different from the rest?  Today's Swordtail Guppies are modern improvements on one of the oldest forms.   If you are interested in working with these unique, hardy, long lived strains please contact me.  
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I have been raising guppies for 49 years and specializing in Swordtail Guppies since the mid 1980's.  My initial stocks were obtained from my late friend and long-time Swordtail breeder Don Sauers.  With subsequent importations of breeding stocks from select European and Asian Breeders.  OUTCROSSING ONLY TO ADD SELECTED TRAITS NOT FOUND OR IDENTIFIED WITHIN MY EXISTING STOCKS.  From these limited sources, and basically a closed breeding program I have created what you see and I can offer today.  Thanks you for your interest...

  • Blond (IFGA Gold (b)
  • Metal Gold (Mg)
  • Golden (IFGA Bronze / Asian Tiger) (g)
  • Asian Blau (Ab)
  • Emerald (VEG)
  • Purple Body (Pb).
  • Albino (a)
  • Pink (pk)
  • Moscow (Mw)
  • Tigrinus (Ti)
  • Zebrinus (Ze)
  • Snakeskin Body (Ssb)
  • Stoerzbach (s)
  • Moscow Blau Additional Gene (MBAG)

Variants Within my Strains:

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